Stay at the forefront of virtual care

Focus on building your brand while we take care of all your virtual healthcare needs, from a seamlessly integrable white-label patient portal to a nationwide physician-only clinical network of doctors who are standing by to serve your patients.

Supporting digital health companies, retailers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical marketing, lifestyle and wellness companies

All-in-one asynchronous telehealth portal, physician-only network and compliance solution

In addition to the integrated virtual care portal and nationwide physician-only network, MD Integrations will take care of all your regulatory and legal compliance requirements with our state-by-state PC (Personal Corporation) network, malpractice insurance, and clinical oversight program.

A complete solution at your fingertips

A low-cost, fast way to scale your business

Save thousands of hours in setup time and hundreds of thousands in setup fees with MD Integrations’ white-label virtual care solution.

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