Outsource all your telehealth needs to us. We provide a complete and flexible telehealth solution for companies who want to offer virtual healthcare. Our white-label telemedicine platform will seamlessly integrate with your website to create a branded customer experience. our physician-only network licensed in 49 states plus Washington DC. is scalable to meet your business growth needs.

Flexible platform for companies who want to provide virtual care

Launch and grow your virtual care business with MD Integrations’ API-based asynchronous telemedicine platform and nationwide physician-only clinical network.

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health companies




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Lifestyle and Wellness Companies

How it works

The best platform to power your telemedicine business

Highest quality care for your patients

MD Integrations is the only telehealth platform powered exclusively by physicians. Our clinical network includes GPs and spans a variety of specialties, from dermatology to pediatrics. As digital healthcare continues to evolve, virtual care patients will increasingly come to expect to be seen by a GP or specialist.

Doctor’s Favorite Telehealth Platform

From a doctor’s perspective, MD Integrations offers the most efficient and intuitive asynchronous telemedicine platform in the industry. Designed from the ground up to eliminate confusing workflow complexities, unfair ‘fastest first’ case allocation, and other productivity challenges present in existing telemedicine platforms, our user-friendly, pay-per-case portal allows doctors to focus on why they became doctors – providing the best care for their patients.

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